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The next meeting of the Bluemont Village Center Task Force will be on Sunday, March 16, at 7 PM, at the home of Kate Mattos, 5310 N. Bluemont Drive.  
Due to limited space, please call in advance of coming:  703 524 2793.  Thanks.

Cerebus Capital Agrees to Buy Safeway

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You might have heard that Cerebus Capital has agreed to purchase Safeway. Safeway has the right to review other possible bids in the next few weeks.   A link to one story about this story follows.  It is too early to tell if or how this might affect “our” Safeway, although Reuters reports that this buy (in and of itself) is not expected to close stores.

Safeway in Play?

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Our Task Force wanted you to be aware of rumblings in the business press about investor interest in purchasing Safeway operations.  Here is a recent story from Bloomberg news about this.

It is premature to speculate what impact this might have on our local Safeway.  Our Task Force reported at last week’s BCA meeting that we have been in communication with Safeway representatives, and that we expect to learn of yet-to-be defined developments in a few weeks.

We will continue to update BCA membership both on this blog and at BCA monthly meetings, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The BVC Task Force met on Tuesday, February 11

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The BVC Task Force met on Tuesday, February 11, and it approved the minutes of its January meeting.  Those are posted here under Minutes.

The Task Force will report to the BCA at the February 26 BCA membership meeting.