Approved Charter of the

Bluemont Village Center Task Force

November 20, 2013

With a highly open and participatory process over the past two years, the Safeway Task Force and BCA Executive Board worked together to keep the BCA membership informed about events as they relate to the redevelopment of the Safeway site at 5101 Wilson Blvd.  This process culminated with the BCA membership expressing strong support for a redeveloped Safeway store and the adoption, by an overwhelming majority, of the position that the redevelopment of the Safeway site should be kept within the existing C-1 zoning with a 35-foot height limit.  With that action, the BCA Safeway Task Force’s current charge was largely accomplished.

Recently, Safeway stated that it is still weighing its options in terms of the site’s redevelopment, and it is known to be speaking with various potential developers.  However, Safeway has provided no details.

Given the strong sentiments of the BCA membership on the issue of the Safeway redevelopment, it is incumbent that the BCA remain active on this issue and enter into a new phase of activity more appropriate to the current circumstances.

Therefore, the purpose of this charter is to establish a Bluemont Village Center Task Force whose purpose shall be as follows:

  • Develop a fuller understanding of the legal and economic redevelopment possibilities for the Safeway site and nearby commercial area within the envelope of the existing “by right” C-1 development rights;
  • In an open and transparent manner, develop and ultimately put before the BCA, one or more possible recommended BCA “visions” for the Safeway site.  The work of the task force should focus primarily on the presumed imminent redevelopment of the Safeway site, but it should also explore the possible interrelationship of that redevelopment with an eye to the other commercial properties in the immediate area; and
  • Continue to keep the BCA Executive Board and membership apprised of any news in a timely manner with regard to the Safeway site or other redevelopment or development efforts in the Bluemont “Village Center” commercial area along Wilson Boulevard.

The work of the Task Force should be heavily informed by the newly adopted Bluemont Neighborhood Conservation (NC) Plan and the BCA’s official position on the redevelopment of the Safeway site that was adopted in April 2013.

In performing its work, the Task Force will work closely with Safeway, Arlington County personnel, elected and appointed officials, potential developers, the BCA membership and Executive Board, and any other relevant stakeholders.

The Task Force should have a goal of bringing forward at least a preliminary concept(s) or “vision(s)” for consideration by the BCA by May of 2014.  It is hoped and intended that this work product of the Task Force, in whatever form, will create an important communication and working tool for the BCA in its interactions with the County government, Safeway, and any potential developers.

Composition:  Membership in this Task Force is as follows:

Carla Aly

Craig Deering

Mark Haynes

David Hughes

Kate Mattos

Larry Smith

George Rovder (Ex Officio)

Other members of BCA may volunteer to become members of the Task Force.

Expiration: The Task Force shall continue its work through November of 2014.  The BCA President, in consultation with the Executive Board, may decide by October 2014 to extend this Task Force’s charter.



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